Full mobile number portability is earlier announced to be started from May 3rd 2015, but due to some technical issues the it got delayed by 2 months by telecom department to meet the technical upgrade requirements of the operators.

National Mobile number portability from 3rd July'15

Telecom Ministry of India has finally announced the commencement of Nationwide mobile number portability (MNP) and will be operational from July 3rd. This will allow customers to keep their existing mobile phone numbers even they move to different States or circles.

Earlier MNP allows subscribers to switch between operators within a circle only and it restricts from porting to other circle even to the same mobile operator company.

From July 3rd users will have the full freedom to switch between operators or circles if they have crossed at least 3 months minimum use period of the current operator/circle.

Also when after this facility once comes to operation customers can dial STD mobile numbers without adding 0 or +91 as it is considered a major need to implement PAN India. Some operators have already rolled out the feature in the last few months.

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