WhatsApp voice call

WhatsApp Inc. has introduced the awaiting free voice calling feature for all its app users. One you can call their near and dear one's for free using the latest WhatsApp mobile application installed in their mobile. Few days back only WhatsApp has came with its web platform application to allow its users to use the messenger directly from their computers without any password or email registration requirement.

To use this voice call feature you must have to update your currently installed app to the latest version which is released today at the WhatsApp website 

After you download the apk file from the official website of WhatsApp you have to install it by allowing installation of apps from sources other than markets. You can get this option once you try to install the latest file by clicking on it.

After successful installation you can go to any of your contact in WhatsApp and click on menu to see the Call option in the top (as shown in the above image)

You may not be able to do the Free calls due to the following reasons:

  1. You don't have the latest version installed or the latest version is not available for your handset model or OS running on it.
  2. You have the latest version installed but your friend has not yet updated to the latest version. In this case you will get a warning stating that " Calls are placed through your mobile carrier, not over the internet". Make sure your friend also has the latest version.
  3. This free calling is not only applicable for India (you can call worldwide from the app). You must have your friend's contact saved and you are also in the contacts of the other side party list to allow incoming calls from the app.
  4. You may be connected to a slow network, use WiFi or Unlimited 3G networks plans which is recommended to prevent billing by your internet provider.
If you still has some other issues or not able to make free calls, just make a comment here. We will have a discussion and make the issue resolved by providing some tips.

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