Moto G tricks to turn on screen light

Moto G and Moto G2 users have got the latest Android Lollipop update few days back. But it has got some bugs too along with the update.

The first and the major flaw is the brightness issue found in the latest update in Moto G. Once you make the brightness to zero level, you wont be able to see any screen light and it becomes total black that you cant see the screen options to make it back. This problem has been reported by some of my friends. To resolve this issue this post may help you to recover the brightness level back in your phone.

How to turn on the screen if your screen becomes off after setting zero brightness?

  1. First and the natural way is to go into a place where you are getting good sunlight and keep the mobile out for few seconds, you can see light in the screen. Now set the brightness more than zero level. This trick will only work in day time.
  2. Second is tech way. If you or your friend has a torch or flashlight phone, just on the flash and point towards the effected Moto mobile at a certain distance. You can see the screen now. Adjust the brightness accordingly before it goes out.
Note: We wont give any warranty or made responsible if your property been got damaged by the above mention tricks. We just give solutions which we test and found working.

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