You may be irritated by the daily app requests that you get from your Facebook friends, which they may be sending knowingly to invite you or automatically by the app while your friend plays the game online logging through Facebook. You can get rid of these notifications and app request permanently by blocking those app in just a few steps below.

How to block Facebook app request

First you should know the name of the app which you are getting the requests like Candy crush, Who viewed your profile?, Who unfriended you recently?, etc..

How to block Facebook app request? Step 1
Step 1: Go to the Settings

How to block Facebook app request? Step 2
Step 2: Under Blocking give the App name

How to block Facebook app request? Step 3
Step 3: Select the App you want to block

You may get multiple app names when you give a name. This is due to many apps with the same name developed by different app developers. To make sure that you wont get any requests block all the apps with that app name having maximum monthly users.

You can also unblock the app when you feel you want to participate or use the app and receive points or lives from your connected friends in a game. You just have to click on Unblock beside the blocked app.

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