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INDIA’S homegrown social networking site Worldfloat.com hopes to increase its users to nearly 1 crore by the end of next month, giving competition to global giants like Facebook and Twitter.

“Currently, we have around six million users. It should reach 10 million by June-end,” said Pushkar Mahatta, founder of  Worldfloat.com.

Mahatta said Worldfloat.com, which was launched last June, was gaining popularity across the world due to its added features.

“On Worldfloat.com you can do everything you do on Facebook. But have added several unique features. The most important is virtual games,” Mahatta, also a director of Mahatta Towers, told IANS.

He said taking into account the increasing popularity of the site, some venture funds have made buyout offers of nearly $300 million.

“I don’t want to disclose the name of the funds, but what I can tell you is I have received buyout offers of up to $300 million,” Mahatta said.

He however said he had to immediate plans to sell the site. On special features, Mahatta said on Worldfloat.com there is an option of “treasure hunt game” that allows users to win money while networking. “Worldfloat.com is not just a social networking platform. It is also a way for people to earn money up to Rs 10,000 through on-line competitions and contests by buying an on-line ticket of  Rs 100,” he said. The competition will be launched in a couple of weeks.

“ There is no other technology platform or website today that offers such a unique service and function capable of giving users money through gaming and competition,” Mahatta claimed.

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