Free Facebook credits code

Facebook is now offering free 5$ credits for selecting the new funding sources to the Facebook ads account to its new advertisers. The users now just have to go to the advertising link and choose a payment option like Credit/Debit Card or other payment option available for their region currently.

This offer is a limited offer to promote the advertising at Facebook platform and to attract more customers in their base. You will not be charged and need not to make any payment or any purchase for this offer to redeem the free credits.

You can also stop or pause the use of the available credits or more funds to the account to continue with the advertising service and boost your page traffic as per the required specializations like only for a specialized age group, location or country wise. You can also set up a start and start time to display the ads in the selected categories.

This offer is applicable only for new advertisers to select/choose a payment option for the first time, the availability and free credits given as of this offer may be dependant on the location and may get closed at any time.

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