I think you known the procedure to connect internet from your mobile to PC using USB or Bluetooth. If you are an Android user you can easily connect your mobile as a modem by tethering. But sometimes you may a question in your mind that it will be awesome if the reverse is possible, if you have a good Wi-Fi, Broadband or other Dial-up connection you can use the same internet connection for your mobile also. Today I am going to tell you a simple trick that will help you to share your PC Internet connection (it can be your LAN, Dongle , or WiFi) with your Android phone using USB. This trick is very useful if you don’t have WiFi modem and still wants to share your internet connection.

  1. You must have a Rooted Android Phone with Superuser installed. 
  2. A PC or laptop with working internet connection. 
  3. USB cable & drivers of your Android Phone. (Install the PC Suite)
You does not require any WiFi hot-spot or adapter for this.

If you are ready with the above requirements then here is the simple Steps to follow:

Connect internet from PC to mobile
  1. First enable USB debugging in your Android Phone by going to Settings>>Application>>Development>>USB Debugging.
  2. Install the drivers of your android phone.
  3. Download latest Reverse Tethering Package by clicking here or on the above image.
  4. Extract the Zip file. Connect your mobile via USB
  5. Double click on AndroidTool (.exe file) and run
  6. Select a device and DNS.
  7. Now click on connect. Allow superuser to connect (in mobile).
  8. That's it. if any problem leave your comment below.

Impossible is Nothing !!

This is my trick to reverse tether your android mobile. That is you can use your computer's internet connection to be used by your android mobile to browse internet simultaneously. You may not be able to use it to download files.

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  1. pc net used on mobile means can reverse tethering is possible to lenovo a6000 plus

  2. in samsung on5 mobile how to enable super user