Procedure to Install Turbo C++ in windows 7:

1.Download the software from the below box (File size: 3.3MB ZIP)
2.Extract the zip files to: e.g. C:\TC3
3.Run the install: C:\TC3\INSTALL.EXE

4.Enter the Source drive: e.g.C and press Enter to continue

5.Press Enter again.
6.Go to " start installation " and press Enter. ( Use Up/Down arrow buttons )

7.Installation Success. Now access by entering  C:\TC\BIN\TC.EXE
8.To get full screen, right click on the upper tab (title bar) and go to properties in the pop up menu and select font tab, change the font as 'Lucida console' and change the font size as 28 and click OK .  That's it!!!

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